The Boba Chronicles (1)

Hi everyone…Boba here…Dad has granted me access to his blog and I’ll be sharing my adventures…finally some worthwhile ‘notes and photos’ here! … today was a good day, but not without some ‘trickery’ … Mom got me all ready for a walk this morning but something seemed a bit suspicious…once my harness was all secure, I lurched out the front door, ready to head to the park for some frolicking…I look to my right and see our neighbor dog Luna headed in the same direction…fun, we’re both park bound! … but something in her canine eyes tells me all is not quite ‘normal’ …sure enough, one glance to my right and there it is…the mobile dog grooming truck! … ahh, the bait and switch … I succumb… frankly, this is much better than the strip mall grooming venue … and, on the bright side, this grooming session will be accompanied with numerous treats once I tuck my tail between my legs and show the grooming lady my scared-puppy-eyes expressions…my final thought for the day: yeah, I was overdue for a trim, I just wish Mom and Dad would have considered a day when it’s not below 50 degrees F in Southern California … I’ll be staying inside on the couch most of the day! … check out my nails!

Boba the Pitbull Dachshund showing off her newly trimmed nails


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